Manali Weather

Climate in Manali

The climate in Manali is temperate and warm. In winter, there is less rainfall in than in summer. The average temperature in Manali is 15.1° centigrade. Rainfall here averages 1972 mm. The driest month is November, with just30 mm of rain. With an average of 409 mm, the most precipitation falls in August. May is the warmest month of the year. The temperature in June averages 22.6° centigrade. January has the lowest average temperature of only 5.5° centigrade.

The climatic condition in Manali is very pleasant throughout the year except in winters when night temperatures drop below 0 degree Celsius. The time of spring starts in March and lasting through the month of April, brings blossoms, flowers, & butterflies to the valley. It offers a completely rejuvenating experience to the visitors.

The summers begin in the month of May and normally lasts through the month of June. This is a time when people wish to be here in Manali. The max temperature during summers barely touches 25 degrees centigrade towards the end of the month of June. Manali, the gift of Himachal is lush green and vibrantly attractive during the monsoons. The monsoon begins in the month of July and usually continues until the end of August. This is a time when the Valley of Gods bustles with various global tourists & trekkers.

The season of monsoon can be romantic with the fog flowing into your rooms. You can relish and enjoy the gentle pattering of the raindrops on the roof and get drenched in the volleys. Another perfect time to be here in Manali is during the month of September, October, and November with the autumn season colors in the air. This is the festive time for the colorful Kullu Dusshera in which 365 Gods and Goddesses of Himalayan valley assemble at Dhalpur